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5 Tips for your Next Vacation to Paris

With the world opening up more and more, even with COVID restrictions and testing, maybe now is the time to think about going to Europe, specifically Paris France. It is an excellent destination no matter what time of year. We wanted to provide some great tips for your next vacation to Paris.

Five Tips for Your Next Trip to Paris:

Prepare to Walk

Some tourists make the mistake of dressing in the way they believe Parisians dress, and are terrified to ‘look like a tourist.’ However, one day of walking the city will have you turning in your heels for sneakers, no matter how they look.

Paris is an extremely walkable city, offering incredibly convenient public transport that the large majority of locals take advantage of. In fact, getting around Paris on foot will lead to you discovering so many more wonderful corners of the city than getting a cab from place to place.

Make sure you pack to walk! Bring shoes that you can walk many miles in, and depending on the season, make sure to pack a jacket.

Balance Your Eating

Paris is known for some of the best food in the world. Between the world-famous wines, decadent cheeses, and butter-rich pastries, visitors rightfully are excited to experience the culinary treat that is Paris. While you can certainly fill your schedule with fancy restaurants for every meal, don’t miss out on the joy that can be found in Parisian Street food.

Street crepes, baguette sandwiches, and cheap bistro eats can give you just as much a true Parisian experience as a Michelin-starred restaurant. Ducking into a cafe for some steak tartare or a croque madame is just as Parisian as a four-hour lingering meal.

While you’re on vacation to Paris, remember that Paris is a global city, offering cuisine from every corner of the globe. Any type of cuisine imaginable can be found in this world city, and some of it, you’ll never forget!

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

While there’s no need to walk around paranoid all the time, the reality is that any big city provides copious opportunities for those with malintent to take advantage of the unsuspecting. Tourists are among their primary targets, as their lack of direction or distracted demeanors open their pockets or purses for the picking.

Some tourists believe that any person who crosses their path is about to rob them blind – this is not necessary and can ruin the joy of your vacation to Paris. However, carrying a purse with a full zipper or keeping your wallet in a zipped pocket and being conscious of your surroundings while in a crowded location can save you a lot of trouble replacing credit cards or worse, a passport.

Pace Yourself in Paris

Vacation to Paris

When visiting France, many people make sure to try to see as much as possible in the time that they have. When considering the vast amount of museums, monuments, restaurants, historic sites, and day trips, it would be easy to fill up every moment of your vacation to Paris trip with activities. But if you watch the locals, it becomes clear that one of the necessary elements of the famous French ‘joie de vivre’ is taking life at a leisurely pace.

The French can sit for hours on a restaurant terrace, sipping coffee or wine, smoking their cigarettes, and enjoying the company of the people they are with. When the French visit a museum such as Musée d’Orsay or Musée Rodin.

Or you can take a trip, they enjoy taking your time.

Scheduling out every moment of your day or week will backfire gloriously. In order to truly enjoy Paris, build in some time to enjoy the unexpected and to let the city surprise you.

travel insurance plans

Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance

The healthcare in France is known as some of the best in the world. The reputation of French healthcare is that it’s high-quality and free. However, while the medical services are free for citizens and residents of France, it’s private pay for tourists. Protecting yourself with quality global travel insurance is key.

In fact, in order to move to France as an expat you must be able to show proof that you have travel medical insurance available to you.