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Five tips for travel to Japan

One of my favorite places in Asia is Japan. It’s probably the best country to visit first in Asia. I first visited in the 1980s on a school trip and then again in 2017 with my family. I wasn’t sure that the family or I would love to travel to Japan, but we all had a great time. It is one of my favorite countries to visit in the world and I strongly recommend that you travel to Japan. There are lots to see and do in Japan, but just experiencing the rich culture is a treat.

The cities are crowded, but everyone is very respectful and I don’t think I’ve traveled to a more safe and secure country. The food in Japan is perhaps the best in the world, especially the sushi and ramen. We are providing some quick tips for travel to Japan.

Five quick tips for anyone going to travel to Japan

Here are five quick tips for Japan Travel:

1. Bring Cash

A surprising number of restaurants and attractions will not take credit cards, so you will need to take some cash with you and sometimes you will find it difficult to find bank machines that will work with your bank account back home. Many convenience stores will also take only cash. The national currency of Japan is the Yen.

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2. Use the Metro

If you want to get around the big cities cheaply, efficiently and quickly, use the subways in Japan. It can be confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it you will be able to access the entire city via the metro. It is strongly suggested that you get a 1 or 3-day pass to save even more money – these can be purchased at the airport.

3. Get a JR Pass

If you are going to take multiple train rides throughout the country, make sure you purchase a Japan Rail Pass for foreigners as this can give you free access to the country for seven days.

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4. Be Respectful of Japanese Customs

Japan is well known for its reverence of proper manners. It is vital that you abide by these unwritten rules when you travel to Japan:

  • Never answer your phone in the subway
  • Take your shoes off before you enter a house or certain restaurants
  • Do not leave chopsticks standing upright in your rice bowl as this is associated with funerals and the dead
  • Speak softly in public places and make sure you don’t budge in lines.
  • Do not use your cell phone on the subway
  • Do not leave your chopsticks standing verticle in the rice bowl.

5. Purchase Travel Insurance for Japan

Japan has one of the best medical systems in the world with excellent medical care. However, as a foreigner, you will most likely face significant medical costs if you are injured or become ill when visiting Japan. It is therefore critical that you purchase travel medical insurance coverage to cover your entire trip to Japan. You can purchase single-trip travel medical coverage from one of our travel insurance companies online via a secure server.