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Top questions about our travel insurance.

Once you purchase a plan our international travel insurance our experts are on hand to answer any questions you might have.

For Single and Multi-Trip Travel Plans, the brochures and application are contained within the web pages. Simply print the application and send it to TFG Global Travel Insurance or to IMG.

Single Trip coverage can also be obtained via IMG’s secure encrypted online server. Expatriate Long Term Insurance plans and Group Plans can be obtained by visiting Expat Financial’s .

Finally, you can also go to the Quote Request Page, especially if you have special quote requirements.

Traveling anywhere can be risky. You purchase travel protection because your domestic plan probably doesn’t cover you abroad. Travel insurance is there to help pay out-of-pocket expenses due unexpected incidents such as baggage loss and medical emergencies. Most domestic health plans don’t cover you abroad.

TFG Global Travel Insurance is an on-line travel insurance web site owned and operated by TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd.

A deductible is a way for the insurance company to reduce claims and your premium. If your plan has a $200 deductible, you pay the first $200 of expenses and then the insurance company picks up the rest/ The higher the deductible, the lower the cost and vice versa.

For most of the plans we offer, coverage is in-force once you have been approved by the insurance carrier, premium payment has been received and they have sent you written approval. For single trip plans, you can purchase and pay for coverage right on-line. If you purchase the Patriot Travel Insurance coverage online, the International Medical Group (IMG) will then send you confirmation by both email and mail or courier. Cover can’t start until premiums are paid.

It is highly recommended that you, your spouse and/or the hospital pre-certify claims (especially large ones) before treatment if possible. But, don’t put off any treatment that is medical necessary and urgent. The key is you want to know that the expense is covered if possible before you get it done. Most of the time it is just common sense. Many of the plans offer a toll free or collect call number on a card or certificate that you or your medical facility can call to pre-certify claims and coverage, so make sure you have it with you at all time. Contact your insurance company direct as we do not process or handle claims.

Yes, it is not too late to get coverage if you have already traveled or are already living outside your country of citizenship. Of course, if you already have a claim before being covered or a pre-existing condition, it won’t be covered. However, some long-term medical plans will cover or exclude pre-existing conditions. Check the policy for details. If you need Vacation Insurance (Round Trip Plan), it is too late to get coverage if you are already abroad or traveling.

Yes, you can do this as long as you complete application online.

Yes, if you buying the Patriot travel medical insurance plan, you can purchase online now  and cover can usually start as soon as next day. You then receive confirmation of coverage, a policy number and claims numbers on your web browser once payment has been accepted. You also get this information via email a few minutes later and then also by post or courier. For other plans, cover may be able to start next day or there may be a waiting period. Check your plan terms and conditions carefully.

YES, buying online is the safest use of your credit card – much safer than using it in a restaurant or store. All personally identifiable information, such as credit card information, is securely protected using Secure Layer 128-bit encryption technology, the strongest encryption technology available. Our quote pages are primarily frames pages, meaning the top frame which shows the web site logo and navigation structure, is not a secure page and the little lock symbol will not appear on your browser, BUT, the frame below where you are getting your quote and entering information IS SECURE & encrypted. If you right click & choose, properties, you will see that the page is a https secure page. Also, the Patriot Quote pages have the VERISIGN trust services logo, which denotes the digital certificate that IMG, the insurance carrier, provides. We also strictly adhere to our privacy guidelines! Note that nothing is 100% safe.