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Once you purchase a plan our international travel insurance our experts are on hand to answer any questions you might have.

For Single and Multi-Trip Travel Plans, the brochures and application are contained within the web pages. Simply print the application and send it to TFG Global Travel or to IMG. Single Trip coverage can also be obtained via IMG’s secure encrypted online server. Expatriate Long Term Insurance plans and Group Plans can be obtained by visiting Expat Financial’s .

Finally, you can also go to the Quote Request Page, especially if you have special quote requirements.

Yes, the travel plans we offer are available to anyone in the world, including citizens of the USA. Long term International health plans are not available to US citizens living in the USA, unless they are planning to become expatriates (leave the country). However, Vacation Insurance plans are only available to citizens of the USA or to people who have purchased their trip in the USA.  The IMG Patriot Executive plan is only available to citizens of the USA and Canada who are covered by their employer’s corporate health plan.

You can simply enter the dates of travel online.

If you happen to make frequent trips less than 30 days each trip, the Patriot Executive is best suited to your needs. This plan allows you to take as many trips outside your country of citizenship each year as long as each trip is less than 30 consecutive days in duration. This plan is only available to US citizens who are covered by a primary health insurance plan via their employer. We also offer a multi-trip travel medical and evacuation plan from IHI.

You can purchase the same day you travel if you want. There isn’t a window prior to the departure date that customers must be within. You can even purchase your Patriot plan after you have already left. HOWEVER, the coverage will not be effective until you leave your country of citizenship and pay the applicable premium at time of application.

NO. The Patriot plan only covers people who are traveling outside their country of citizenship. We do offer the IHI travel insurance plan which may be able to cover you if you are going back to your country of citizenship and you do not reside in that citizenship country as per the plan terms and conditions posted on IHI Travel Insurance.

Yes! Depending on their length of stay you could purchase the Patriot Travel Insurance plan.

IMG will refund the policy premium if the policy was cancelled by the insured in writing prior to the effective date of the policy. Some refunds are available if you have past your start date depending on the policy you purchased and when you cancel the plan. You need to contact IMG directly to cancel your policy.

Contact IMG directly ASAP.

No. Only the multi-trip Patriot Executive plan requires you to have primary health insurance coverage.

IMG is the administrator and their underwriter is SIRIUS International. Read more.

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