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We offer international health insurance plans that are designed for foreign nationals living outside the country for which they hold a passport. The policies noted below are not available residents in Florida or the Province of BC.

If you are not an expatriate, don’t despair! TFG Global Travel Insurance offers a wide range of international expat health insurance plans for the local citizen who wants portable and international coverage. Many local nationals want to obtain medical insurance that will allow for treatment in foreign countries, such as the USA, England, and Australia.

When you live abroad, one of the most important financial considerations is how to protect you and your family’s health. Without proper coverage, an illness or injury abroad can turn into a financial disaster! TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd, which operates Global Travel Insurance, doesn’t represent just one insurance company plan. Instead, we place your interests first by shopping the marketplace for the plan that meets your needs and budget. We recommend that you obtain a quote from either the Cigna Global Health Options or IMG Global Medical Insurance Plans:

IMG Global Medical International Health Insurance Plan

Global Healthcare from International Medical Group

IMG Global

With Global Medical Insurance you have a choice of three plan options: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Simply choose one that best fits your needs.

The Silver and Gold plans provide US$5,000,000 of lifetime coverage, while the Platinum plan provides US$8,000,000. All three plans offer a full range of benefits suited for individuals and families.

There are two coverage area options: worldwide or worldwide excluding the U.S. and Canada. Both options provide coverage 24 hours a day, and you have the freedom to choose any doctor or hospital for treatment. When you select Global Medical Insurance, you receive IMG’s commitment to deliver world class health benefits, medical assistance and total peace of mind.

As part of the eligibility requirements for Global Medical Insurance, U.S. citizens must reside abroad or plan to leave the U.S. on their effective date and plan to reside abroad for at least six of the next 12 months. Non-U.S. citizens may reside anywhere, including their country of citizenship, although certain eligibility restrictions may apply to non-U.S. citizens residing in the U.S.

Underwritten by SIRIUS/White Mountains and Administered by IMG – financial strength and international expertise. Click HERE for a quote.

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