Quote Instructions for American Residents

Americans love to travel around the world – exploring new cultures and enjoying what the globe has to offer. In most cases, domestic health plans in the USA will not cover you should you travel outside the United States, so it makes sense to purchase a travel medical insurance plan to cover emergency and urgent health expenses abroad.

Global Travel Insurance is owned and operated by TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., which is based in Canada. We prefer American residents who require insurance to work with an American based broker and we can try to refer you to an insurance broker based in the USA who should be able to assist you if you send us an email to info@tfgglobal.com

Or you can check out the plans from Seven Corners at: https://www.sevencorners.com  or IMG plans at htps://www.imglobal.com  and work with them directly. Our firm will not be involved in any way. We recommend that you discuss your requirements with a US-based broker if you are based in the USA.