Short Term Immigration Coverage and Travel Health Insurance for Visitors to the US

Global Travel has access to an excellent visitor health insurance plan for non-US citizens in need of emergency international travel insurance while visiting the USA. Unfortunately, as a new resident of the United States, you may not be eligible for many domestic medical insurance programs. The majority of travel insurance companies require that you be a resident of the United States for 6 to 12 months before they allow you to purchase their coverage. In the interim, you may be exposed to financial burden if an unforeseen medical event should occur.

The IMG plans below work very well if you are needing emergency medical insurance to satisfy the new Trump rules for visitors to the United States. You will receive a confirmation of coverage from IMG with link to a visa letter that you can download.

Travel Medical Options for Visitors to the USA

If you are visiting the United States, it is vital that you obtain a high quality emergency medical insurance plan as the health costs in the USA are quite expensive. It is critical that you purchase coverage before you visit the country and due to recent announcements from President Trump, it may even be required. Note that no-one can say if one plan or another is approved by the US government to meet their vague requirements at this time.

Coverage for Emergencies Only for Visits up to 1 Year

Global Health Insurance Plan – For Expats in the USA

If one of the above plans do not meet your needs or you are not eligible, please contact us to see if we can arrange a different plan. We recommend getting as large a policy maximum as possible when visiting the USA.