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Single Trip Travel Insurance

People residing outside of USA & Canada

We also offer the BUPA Global Travel for many citizens around the world.

You reside in Canada

if you reside in Canada for Travel Underwriter’s trip cancellation plans & you will be connected to this web site’s parent company.

You are an American Resident in the USA

If you are an American residing in the USA, we recommend you work with a US-based insurance broker or firm. Click HERE for instructions.

For a single trip to The Taj Mahal or to see customers in Cairo

Whether you’re looking for family travel insurance for a single travel trip or travel medical insurance for a trip from 5 days to up to 24 months, we can give you the travel insurance you need. TFG Global Travel Insurance offers the Patriot short term single trip travel insurance plans through International Medical Group, Inc. for families and students. Our travel insurance plans are available to anyone, anywhere of any nationality or citizenship!

The Patriot plans offers up to several different coverage maximum levels and has optional Extreme Sports, trip insurance and AD&D coverage riders.