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Top 20 Travel Tips and Hacks for Your Next Trip Abroad

20 Travel Tips and Hacks Will Make Your Trip Truly Enjoyable and Comfortable

Traveling across the globe and exploring unknown locations is a favorite pastime for millions of avid vacationers. A family trip is equally rewarding as children get the opportunity to learn things that are not usually common for them. While there are several benefits of traveling domestically or internationally, hassles like losing your mobile phone could spoil the fun mood you are in for the most part. That said, we wanted to provide you some travel tips and hacks that can make your travel fruitful and enjoyable. Read on to find out.

What are easy travel tips and hacks?

  1. If you are planning to travel with your family, you should book a home instead of a hotel room. Similarly, you can reserve a single room for yourself if you are traveling solo. You will find endless options that are quite affordable on websites like Airbnb. Usually, Airbnb offers homes or accommodations that are much better than hotels.
  2. While packing your luggage, rolling your clothes is always better as it allows you to fit more things into your bags. Why pile up your daily wear, innerwear, and socks in heavy suitcases when you have ample space to roll and tuck them in the little spaces around your dresses.
  3. Save a scanned copy of your passport, travel package itinerary and ID card in your email inbox. This would ensure that you have an extra copy of these important documents in case you lose their hard copies in transit. You can also click images of such documents through your iPhone or Smartphone.
  4. Don’t forget to call up your credit or debit card bank before you depart to a foreign destination. In that case, they will not block your cards to prevent any fraudulent transactions from taking place.
  5. Choose a travel insurance coverage plan that suits you and your family’s needs. There are many travel insurance providers online, but you must always opt for a reputed provider. Of course, we are partial to the ones offered HERE.
  6. Small international travel hacks can do wonders. Always carry your water bottle along during long flights. You may not like an airline’s policy of serving water at various intervals.
  7. Make the most of the internet service if you have boarded a long flight. Striking a conversation with an unknown co-passenger is not something everyone is comfortable with. A flight of more than six hours can be very boring if you don’t have family or friends aboard that plane to talk to. You can also complete tasks on your laptop before you set foot on your destination territory.
  8. Carry a pen along with you to fill various customs forms as and when needed. A pen can come in handy, especially if you are traveling with family members.
  9. Use the restroom 20 minutes before your flight is going to land. You will have about 15 minutes to relieve yourself before refastening your seat belts for landing. Once the flight comes to a halt, you may have to wait for your turn because all the restrooms may be occupied.
  10. Promptly get into a queue to claim your baggage as soon as you reach your destination. This will save you a lot of time to explore more of this new location.
  11. You will lose a lot of cash if you are exchanging currency at the airport. Instead, go to ATMs and use a debit or credit card whenever you need local currency.
  12. If you are traveling within the United States, using Yelp can be a great idea to get the necessary guidance regarding food and sightseeing.
  13. Buying a few necessary grocery items apart from water and snacks after arriving at your destination can be one of the best international travel hacks. You will be able to save a lot of money if you follow this tip because these little things can cost you a bomb at the hotel.
  14. Once you reach your hotel room, you don’t have to take out all your packed belongings. Only take those out that are necessary because repacking will again kill your precious time and energy.
  15. Don’t depend too much on guidebooks. Instead, opt for Yelp to guide you during your time around the city. Guidebooks are more about tourist hotspots and may not lead you to places that are off the beaten track.
  16. travel tips & hacksSpeak in the local language as much as possible. The locals will always appreciate you trying to speak their language even if you are not speaking it perfectly. It shows that you care about their language and culture. There will be situations where this will work in your favor.
  17. Stick to the souvenir list you have prepared. It will ensure that you spend your money on really valuable things.
  18. Have local food: Enjoy local cuisines as they will help you save money on a tight budget and leave you with a certain sum to purchase other stuff. You will get to experience flavors that you haven’t tasted before. McDonald’s can be saved for home.
  19. There is a saying – ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans’. You need to follow it precisely to make optimum use of your travel time. You should not be stubborn in your travel and food habits. Coming out of your comfort zone will help you make the most of your travel.
  20. I strongly recommend that you purchase a luggage scale to weigh your baggage before you travel. A simple weight scale designed for travel can save you a lot of money as airlines love to charge extra if you are over a certain weight.

Summing Up

The aforesaid travel tips and hacks should help you during your busy traveling time every year. These simple travel tips & hacks are especially great for those who are frequent travelers. You should have a great time during your trip and return satisfied as you have invested time and money in finalizing it. For unforeseen and unexpected incidents, having good international travel insurance would prevent you from incurring various losses.