Travel Insurance for Business Travellers.

Business persons who are traveling should make sure that they get adequate travel insurance when they travel on business. The Travel Industry Association of America recently reported that business travellers are taking approximately 5 work related trips per year. Business owners should make sure that they are and their employees are covered by a comprehensive travel insurance policy that will cover medical and evacuation expenses. Such costs could cripple an employee’s finances and he or she may look to the employer to cover these medical costs, especially if they are on company business.

Employers should purchase a single or group travel insurance policy to cover employees while traveling for business. If employees are traveling more than one time per year, a multi-trip travel insurance plan is the most cost effective eu travel medical insurance plan. A group travel insurance plan can also offer great savings either on single or multi-trip basis. It is recommended that such a group multi-trip plan, which can be a stand alone plan or part of a group benefit plan, also cover the employee while he or she is on non-business trips.

Medical evacuation coverage is a must for any travel insurance plan as the costs can also run into the thousands of dollars and the travel insurance assistance provider can coordinate the evacuation details. Most travel insurance plans include medical evacuation, but it can be sold on a stand alone basis for individuals and groups. A business travel insurance plan can also aid in assessing your medical condition, provide translation or even legal help.

Some business travel insurance plans also include coverage for baggage loss, which is quite common these days, especially in some airports such as Terminal 5 at Heathrow. Some business travel insurance plans also include trip cancellation and trip delay, but these can also easily be purchased on a single trip basis.

For business trips to dangerous regions such as Iraq or Afghanistan, make sure you get a travel insurance policy that will cover terrorism and war risk. You may also want to obtain Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage to cover travel to dangerous regions.

If you are a business traveller this year, make sure that you check to see if your company travel insurance policy exists and if it will cover you while traveling on business and/or pleasure. Also, note that Expedia’s online poll revealed that 19% of US travellers postpone or cancel holiday travel plans because of work reasons.

Where can I get business travel insurance?

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