Travel Medical Insurance for Residents of Canada

    Global Travel Insurance offers Canadian travel medical insurance for residents of Canada, travelling from Canada to other parts of the world. We offer a variety of different plans for Canadian Residents currently in their home province in Canada who are covered by and continue to be covered by their provincial medical plan. All premiums are in Canadian dollars.

    The plans are available via our firm TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd. to residents of Alberta, BC, and Ontario if you are currently present in your home province and fully covered by the provincial medical plan there. If you live in another province, please contact TuGo directly at: 1-800-663-5389. If you are a non-Canadian citizen living in Canada and not covered by the provincial medical plan, please contact us for another potential solution.


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    Please read the plan terms and conditions contain in above brochure carefully before purchasing the TuGo policy. Note that for Visitors to Canada plans from TuGo, Pre-Existing Medical conditions are not covered as per their plan contract and brochure.

    After making payment online, you will be able to print your travel medical insurance policy confirmation online – it will contain the policy and claims information you need to take on your travels. Please download and read plan terms and conditions before you purchase. If you are already abroad, contact us for another solution.