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We offer a variety of travel insurance plan online to customers around the world.

TFG Global Travel Insurance offers travel insurance from a variety of reputable travel insurance suppliers. You can obtain the very best in travel insurance plans to cover your emergency medical expenses if you become sick or injured while you travel outside your country of citizenship. We also have travel insurance to cover your vacation costs which cover trip cancellation and interruption with a small amount of medical and evacuation coverage. For groups of persons traveling overseas, we offer the IMG Patriot Group travel insurance plan. For those in Canada, we offer Canadian travel insurance plans specially designed for Canadian residents.

  • Anyone who travels or works abroad for a few days to several years
  • Students who work or travel abroad
  • University and College students at home and abroad
  • People changing jobs
  • Employers who want to protect a mobile workforce
  • International citizens and expatriates who require long-term life, health and disability insurance
  • International visitors to USA and Canada, including immigrants