Global Travel Insurance Options for African Residents

Residents of Africa are traveling more and more around the world and also amongst the various countries in Africa. We have been of service to individuals residing in Africa for many years and are quite experienced in offering global travel insurance policies in the region. We have long standing relationships with several travel insurance providers that are able to off travel medical coverage that is required by residents of Africa traveling outside their country of residence. Here are our two top plans for Africans traveling from 5 days to one year:

  • Visitors Coverage Plans – Choose from a wide range of plans from various travel insurance providers under one platform. Easy to quote and purchase online with great rates. Some plans even cover COVID-10.

Simply click on one of the plans above and you will be connected with their encrypted quote page. Simply enter your information and details and obtain a quote online. You can pay with a major credit card and the plan details are all online.

Global Travel Insurance for Africans Traveling Abroad

Remember that Africans traveling abroad need to obtain travel medical insurance coverage as their domestic health plans may not provide any medical assistance or cover outside their home country. Medical claims for emergency services can be quite expensive, especially for Africans traveling to Asia and North America. As you would expect, even a small urgent medical procedure in the USA can be extremely costly. A more serious claim in the USA can lead to financial ruin.