BUPA Global Travel – Single & Multi-Trip Plans

Comprehensive Emergency Travel Medical Insurance Plan From BUPA International

This plan provides travel medical and evacuation insurance for people traveling outside their country of residence who require a very comprehensive emergency travel medical insurance plan for single or multiple trips outside their country of residence. The plan is available to people aged 0 to 69.

  • Single Trips up to 1 year
  • Annual Multi-trip plan for trips up to 1 month per trip

War zone disclaimer, please be informed that BUPA Global travel only provides cover in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN if the risk has been pre-approved by BUPA. You are therefore under an obligation to notify BUPA and our firm if you plan to travel to or stay in these countries. Do not apply online if you are going to Iraq or Afghanistan. Coverage will be provided at a premium loading only if possible.

COVID-19 Notice: Please read the COVID-19 Coverage requirements before purchasing online. 

The travel insurance covers you no matter where in the world you go as long as you are traveling outside your country of residence as defined in the policy for business or pleasure travel. It provides single trip coverage on travels abroad from one day up to 12 months. An annual multi-trip plan for unlimited multiple trips up to 1 month in length is also available. Premium rates can be downloaded or you can get a quote online.


  • Expeditions, mountaineering and trekking in Antarctica, the North Pole and Greenland are not covered by the BUPA insurance. Please note that we do not cover mountaineering that requires specialized equipment, regardless of destination. Also, the plan does NOT cover anything related to: active participation in any motorsport show, motorsport race or motorsport competition, including any training, base jumping, paragliding, hang gliding, wingsuit flying, speed flying, mountaineering that requires specialized climbing equipment and outdoor climbing,
  • The plan is not available to anyone living in USA/Canada/Iran/Cuba/Switzerland/Puerto Rico, Somalia, Sudan/South Sudan/Syria, China, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Falkland Islands, UK, Bahamas, Andora, Brunei & several other countries. The BUPA plans may be restricted in other countries by BUPA without notice.
  • The insurance does not provide cover within the insured’s country of permanent residence as defined in the plan brochure.
  • Pre-existing conditions – The BUPA travel insurance policy is designed to cover acute illness and injury that occurs after you’ve started your trip, so to be covered, it must be unexpected as per plan brochure you can download via this page. In some instances, a chronic and/or pre-existing condition is covered by your travel medical insurance. We recommend that you send an up-to-date medical report and hav e your MD complete the pre-existing conditions form and email to our firm and we will forward to Bupa Global Travel and BUPA’s in-house medical consultants will evaluate if your particular condition is covered. Please contact us to get the pre-existing conditions form.
  • The BUPA plan does not cover search and rescue services.
  • Please read full plan terms and conditions in the brochure.

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The BUPA Global travel insurance plan provides travel medical and evacuation insurance for people traveling outside their country of citizenship. It is a very high quality travel insurance plan for both single and annual multiple trips. Please find below a brief description of single and multi-trip travel insurance plans that BUPA offers.

Single Trip Travel Insurance Coverage Highlights

For a general overview of the plan on the web. Please read the valid Policy Brochure for a detailed description of the conditions applying to the insurance.

How to Apply for BUPA Single or Annual Multi-Trip Plan?

Simply download application format and then email to our office or send to our office by post or courier. You can pay by credit card to BUPA. Plan can be purchase in USD, EURO or Pounds Sterling.

Advantages with a BUPA Global Travel

You get a lot of advantages with a BUPA:

  • Direct payment of all hospital bills where ever possible
  • Access to BUPA’s medical consultants
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals
  • Full cover with no deductible
  • Professional and efficient reimbursement service
  • Worldwide cover outside your country of residence during all types of travel: leisure, study and business
  • Free cover of children under the age of two
  • You must be 69 or younger to apply and be covered
  • Baggage cover and flight delay option
  • Personal liability coverage option
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment option
  • Trip cancellation option is now available

Please note that when the insurance is taken out after the insured has left the country of permanent residence, there is a waiting period of 3 days before the insurance takes effect. In the event of serious injury in connection with an accident, the right to compensation shall, however, take effect concurrently with the date of commencement of the insurance.

All Travel policies taken out on or before 29 March 2019 are insured by:

Bupa Denmark, filial af Bupa Insurance Limited, England (trading as Bupa Global Travel), CVR 31602742, and a branch of Bupa Insurance Limited, England, authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority (UK) and subject to limited regulation by the Danish Financial Services Authority (Finanstilsynet).

Note that people residing in the UK or British Isles have a slightly different policy booklet/brochure – please contact us for a copy.

The BUPA Global Travel plan only covers you when you travel OUTSIDE your country of residence as defined in policy brochure. Plan does not cover inter-state travel or travel inside your country of residence.

If you need cover for pre-existing medical conditions, please contact us and request this and the forms.