Reasons to Visit Nassau

7 Reasons to Visit Nassau in the Bahamas

If you are looking for a great beach destination in 2023, you should consider traveling to Nassau in the Bahamas. One of the key destinations in Nassau is Paradise Island, which has some of the best luxury resorts in the country.

For example, the Atlantis Resort is one of the most popular places to visit in the Bahamas. There is a giant water park, several pools and beaches, a casino, many restaurants and bars, and a nightclub. Also, Atlantis has several accommodations, such as the Royal Towers, The Cove, and The Coral.

1.  The Food

There is amazing local cuisine in the Bahamas, such as rock lobsters, conch fritters, conch salad, Bahamian stewed fish, and deep-fried plantain. Furthermore, there are great fine-dining restaurants that are owned by famous chefs. These restaurants include Fish owned by chef José Andrés and Nobu, which is said to have the best sushi in the world. Note that the food prices in the hotels are quite expensive, but there are some less expensive options in Nassau.

2.  Water and Land Activities

The water activities include swimming with nurse sharks and pigs, swimming with dolphins, fishing, jet skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, scuba diving, and kayaking. The land activities include ATV tours, golf, tennis, horseback riding, bird watching, and bus tours.

3.  The Shopping

There is good shopping in the Bahamas, such as duty-free stores, traditional markets, designer stores, and authentic Bahamian souvenir shops.

4.  Beautiful Beaches and Seawater

 There are so many great beaches in The Bahamas and they have bright white sand. The Bahamas is known to have the clearest water on earth and the water is turquoise and crystal clear.

5.  History

The Bahamas has a history that is centuries old and has many historical landmarks, such as The Queen’s Staircase. These limestone stairs were meant to serve as a route from Nassau City to Fort Fincastle. The staircase got its name because it is rumoured that Queen Victoria at one point walked on these steps, which is how it got its name.

6.  Casinos

There are many Casinos throughout Nassau and they are a gambling haven for people who like to gamble while on vacation. The casinos at the Atlantis are quite large and of course, there are winners, but more often than not, lots of people who have also lost money so gamble responsibly.

7.  Breathtaking Marine Life

There is breathtaking marine life in the Bahamas, including sharks, tropical fish, dolphins, Flamingos, turtles, and much more. The various aquariums are a must-see at Atlantis Paradise Island, which holds thousands of aquatic animals. There is even the option to swim with dolphins at this resort’s dolphin cay.

Some Final Thoughts for Visiting Nassau

Despite the Bahamas being a great holiday destination, there are high costs for the country’s healthcare that is considered to be way too expensive for many people. It is important that travel insurance for Bahamas is purchased before arriving there. An unplanned medical emergency can be very expensive and you may also need medical evacuation to the USA as the medical facilities there are good, but not for some conditions tourists may need to seek medical care off the island.

This article was written by Mark Tompkins, a blog and travel writer who enjoys traveling to exotic locales.